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Codeless Automated Testing Starts Here.

You can easily create your automated tests without having need of any programming knowledge and without using Selenium or any other framework. TestRobotic enables all your employees to create and run automated tests.(No matter their role)

Create stable tests in minutes and trust your automated tests.

  • Step by Step or Record

    Create tests by our BDD steps or by recording, or by any combination of the two.
  • Select Group

    If you want you can group related scenarios like file and directory structure.
  • Save Test

    Give test's name and submit your test.

Your Automated Test is Ready to run!

Just select latest Chrome, Firefox or IE versions, any size and run your test.

Screen resolutions can't be a limit to you, run your test in any resolution and select best of what you need.

  • Select Browser and Size

    You don't need to recode/debug your tests for every browser. Create one test and use it for any browser. Just select latest Chrome, Firefox or IE versions, any size and run your test.
  • Run or Debug Test

    You can debug your test scenerios step by step and see where it fails.
  • Run Details

    Test Robotic provides a detailed step by step log and ability to capture scenario steps at runtime. We mark-up failed tests on screen for you to figure out what went wrong.

Schedule test with unlimited combinations

We are offering parallel execution for each browser and test case with an optimum performance hit with our artificial intelligence(AI) technology.

Test on a single browser, or across every browser in a matter minutes.

  • Cross Browser Testing

    Quick and simply choose a browser and execute. Test with multiple browsers and all major devices (desktop, laptop, ipad and mobile) in parallel.
  • Select Test Scenarios

    Select your group or test scenarios on list.
  • Set Time

    Schedule tests with redetermined times and frequency you need. Run on demand and/or regularly. (Hourly,Daily or Weekly)

Who is TestRobotic ?


TestRobotic is a web-based platform that provides solutions to simplify and improve testing processes for companies that develop software. As TestRobotic, we are aiming for reducing the complexity of test workflows and hence saving time for both web and mobile projects.

Our user friendly interface simplifies automatization of testing workflows with classical methods and our ability to save user actions allows users to perform testing without any technical expertise. TestRobotic is compatible with several devices and browsers and helps early detection of potential errors. Thanks to our logging system, we enable track your progress.

All in all, we are offering stable applications with health lifecycle by minimizing human-based errors.

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